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Chimera Project.

The Panther is its boasting motto with 2.75m of steel, polyester, bronze and leather; it combines cold-hot, shadow-light, and … wraps and haunts the mind of the bystander! With a weight of 480Kgm and with a bass sound beyond this world, it pushes and turns the earth beneath its beastly tires! Its name and appearance have mythological origins! It is a guardian of fantasy borders; temporarily located on earth to alter the minds of people and make them feel above and beyond reality! Strictly inappropriate for rational minds – it establishes new principles, rules, commitments and measures. Instead of rolling on conventional highways, it surfs on exaggeration and harmony, self-centeredness and sweet sacrifice, temperance and ravage, complacency and uniqueness, strength and self-control. Challenging its rider to develop unsurpassed skill and supremacy on the road and, at the end, choosing who would ride it to new, yet to be discovered destinations!

Chimera Project.

What it offers?
A synchronous arousal of all five senses … and more to be experienced!

  • Vision: Its appearance - its unique and inspiring artistic look!
  • Hearing: The muffled and earthmoving rattle of metal.
  • Touch: Its stunning sculpted body.
  • Olfaction: The heated and sweating metallic guts.
  • Taste: The sense of freedom and vibrancy when riding it on new dimensions.
Chimera Project.

Materials of construction: Inspiration, Knowledge, Patience, Impracticability, Innovation and Aesthetics.

  • Headlamp: The Panther which is also the emblem.
  • Fuel: Courageously, power it up with high octane!
  • Handlebar: Stainless steel wire with handwritten script and replicas of owner-rider hands.
  • Destination: It is not built to transport you to work. Its purpose is to kidnap you from daily monotony, to teach you about life from a different and more rewarding point of view. A concept never imagined before; built to take you to the final frontier of mankind’s imagination; a powerful guardian that will allow only the chosen ones to cross the threshold of its own magical realm.
  • Cause that created: The passage between matter and the imaginary.
  • Construction time: 18 ascetic months creating in 3 dimensions.
  • Front Suspension System: Patented mechanical lever by tricycle Mazda, chewing asphalt and air, driving the Panther in its path.
  • Transmission: Patented CV Joints from car carrying strength and spirit of the engine, through Honda Valkyria swingarm at rear wheel.
  • Front Wheel: 17 inches Tire Width: 150 with serrated brake disc, presenting the illusion of reverse movement.
  • Rear Wheel: 15 inches Tire Width: 240 by Avon
  • Brakes: NISSIN calipers are the reins kneeling beast, when the journey ends.
  • Frame: German metal bones of modified BMW, supporting muscular body of 480 kg.
  • Frame Finish: Polyester sculptured surfaces (front and rear fenders, side lids, chin spoiler and ducts) coated with abrasion resistant matte varnishes and paints, Airbrush shadows giving a skin style of alien creature.
  • Saddle: Anatomically constructed to directly transmit, trip vibrations at her master
  • Heart: 1000 cm3 of a German B.M.W. roars catapulting hot breath on asphalt.
  • Electrics: Designed to illuminate every dark aspect of the unknown, with emphasis on feline eyes, which giving you the feeling that watching your every move. Her mouth spreading a rainbow of colors on the highway.
  • Horn: The roar of 4 felines warn us to pay attention and preserve her kind before it's too late.
Chimera Project.

Finally what he wants to remind us of the presence of this peculiar structure with the name Chimera, is that when we do not forget what we have experienced in the past, the inspiration, dreams and expectations is recorded in our DNA, our help to deal with the present and the future in reconciliation with nature, with respect to securities lost and through the eyes of art, to know ourselves better.

Chimera Project.

In 2011 Participated in the World Championship of Custom Motorcycle AMD Sturgis in South Dakota U.S.A.

At the invitation of the Seoul Museum of Art will be exhibited in March 2014 until May 2014 report on Steampunk Art

Photography & Αirbrushing: My Artwork

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Chimera awarded 18th place in

A.M.D 2011 World Championship

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